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Sinar Pangan Pratama is a member of Anugerah Berkat Mandiri Bersama, We Handling and distributing Pork products
- Pork Belly Skin On Local & Import
- Pork Belly Skin Off Local & Import
- Baby Back Ribs Local & Import
- Spare Ribs
- Suckling Pig
- Back Bacon
- Pork Fillet
- Pork Knuckle
- Pork Chop
- Pork Eisbien
- Pork Cheek
- Pork Shoulder Boneless
- Streaky Bacon

Sinar Pangan Pratama

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Our Vision , "To become most trusted, respected, and leading foods partner in Indonesia"

Our Mission , "To be an inspiring growth partner that deliver good service & good quality"

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